Odyssey Art Glass vases, pet urns, cremation urns 

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Decorated Art Glass Vases, Cremation Urns, Pet Urns...


Odyssey Art Glass urns, peturns,dogurns,caturns, art glass vases

Hand-blown Art Glass Vases,
Cremation Urns, Pet Urns, Dog Urns

 Cat Urns, Companion Vases...

Tom Michael
Odyssey Art Glass
Hand-blown in the USA




Odyssey Art Glass
  available at:

  Detroit Institute of Arts Museum Shop
 5200 Woodward Ave
 Detroit, MI 48202


Decorated Art Glass Vases
Art Glass Pet Urns, Dog Urns, Cat Urns, Exotic Pet Urns...

For Urns &  Pet Cremation Services contact:

Forever Faithful Inc.
Pet Cremation Services
Tricia Rodgers
28165 Kehrig
Clinton Twp., MI 48047


Odyssey Art Glass by Tom Michael
 offers a fine selection of contemporary art glass vases, art glass gifts, shower gifts,
art glass wedding gifts, unique blown glass executive gifts, art glass hearts, paperweights,
 cremation urns,
pet urns, keepsake urns, cat urns, dog urns, exotic pet urns...



yaaay!!! Thank you so much!  I LOVE your glass!!! The colors are insanely beautiful!!!


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